Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black gold play, US or Gulf Countries, who ia dominating?

When we talk about crude oil, who is dominating?

Are they? who are from Dubai Mercantile Exchange

Or they? Who are from New York Mercantile Exchange

The global crude oil benchmark, which is globally traded NYMEX front-month crude oil future, has recently reached 70dollars, buoyed by big speculation, in line with bullish global equity markets, and increase in US treasuries yield, giving sign of the start of receovery, and demand of higher risk investment. The 70dollars crude oil is welcomed by world's big oil exporters, especilly OPEC members, recall that OPEC member had always urged to correct the price level to ideal 70dollars, since the global recession, to avoid woes of halted exploration and for stability of future supply, after about a year, OPEC eventually gets what they desired, is it caused by OPEC's production cut? probably yes, but it's not a significant factor, on the other hand, when US' handful of economic data are announced, commodity market is ignited, especially black gold market, where prices rose steadily, this is in contrast when compared with Persian Gulf's action. Persian Gulf countries announed production cut, which only ignited a short term spike in global oil prices, giving less momentum to support oil price, from the comparison, dennis has got insight that, black gold prices market is still not dominated by OPEC, but by US traders's speculation, which speculates on positive economic data, better existing home sales, fewer jobless claims, increasing consumer and business confidences, for instances, and the market is still drove my speculation, rather than supply-and-demand figures, dennis thinks OPEC still need to struggle to be more influential in oil market.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

exponential moving average

dennis might be able to see reversal, hence buying signal in KNM (7164.KL), an leading oil and gas process engineering equipment provider in malaysia, it isn't only an hot company solely because of good fame in its business field, but it is being the most actively traded stock counter in bursa malaysia, most the days in a year, it has satisfying daily trading volume for technical analysis rules to be applies on it, which causes dennis to describe it as a "terrific" or "amazing" stock counter for technical analysis......

dennis is wondering why is technical analysis is so powerful in securities price prediction, to the extent that many professional analysts are applying it, or at least paying attention to it, whether they agree or disagree with technical analysis approach......

there is a big question mark in dennis' mind , but before the doubt in his mind about technical analysis approach is fading away, he is already a practitioner of technical, a junior in this field..... rather than fundamental analysis.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

pic of the day

dennis was simply surfing internet, at a very dull and high temperature afternoon, he was looking for some ong tee keat's profiles and history, and surprisingly, this was a certainly wrong but exceptionally interesting pic he found using google image search with keyword "ong tee keat", dennis seemed to be fated to be entertained by this funny pic, it seems to be a suitable analogy to our very own country's politic arena, where both the pakatan rakyat and barisan nasional are playing in "malaysia playground" but it's a bully indeed, n obviously. hey... big boy, be gentle la....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

street fighther

what happened to them recently? those "youths" must had spent too much time in playing street fighter game during their childhood.... act even the same style in parliament too?